Many times I have been my own (and other peoples’) private sidekick. This position became a permanent one with the years, and in due course I became rather overwhelmed by it. Often considered to be the local clown, and thus naturally expected to brighten up any event.This notion helped me, a typical Libra, to be anything but decisive and in charge. Laughing about almost every aspect of life can really help you avoid taking an actual position on serious matters (though it could mistakenly seem as a cynical point of view). Of course I eventually had to "grow up" a bit and take a stand on important issues, providing there is a persistent individual with meaningful insights. Still my instinct of finding humor in any given situation remained, which consequently became very useful in my work. I always give my projects that special twist, use bold and defiant colors and add witty elements in my designs. This has, no doubt, helped me to create many amusing and unique DIY projects.

For this next project I was inspired by a visit to the Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont. I came across an authentic looking melted ice cream cone which, if placed on any desired seat, will guarantee its vacancy when you'll come back for it. When I researched this item online, I discovered many similar products aimed mainly at students who want to ensure they get that great seat in popular lectures. Let’s not forget that this sector of society is considered to be hip, young, and edgy and filled with wild humor! My type of audience! So, without further ado, I would like to present you with my funny, cool and spilled Cup-A-Joe – for your entertainment! And for those of you who have a Monica Geller as a mom just like I do, it will guarantee a good laugh over her anxiety, just as mine reacted when I “decorated”  my lovely sofa with it.




















Here is what you need to get started:

  • Two parts (A and B) liquid plastic resin

  • Yellow, red, blue and white pigments

  • 4 Tooth picks

  • Plastic spoon

  • Paper cup

  • Rubber gloves

  • Baking paper

















And now, let’s get to work! 

  • Begin by putting on the rubber gloves and find a well-ventilated area to work in.

  • Use the A part of the liquid plastic and pour 1/5 cup onto the paper cup (this amount will be sufficient for the “spilled coffee” effect)

  • Insert a tooth pick into the red pigment and gather some paste on it. Using the plastic spoon, scrape the pigment paste into the liquid plastic in the paper cup.

  • Add an equal amount of yellow pigment with a clean toothpick to the mixture.

  • Add half amount of blue color to the cup and start mixing it with the spoon until it becomes a smooth liquid substance.

  • Correct and brighten-up the shade to resemble a coffee to your liking (do not drink it!!!).













  • When you are satisfied with the color, add 1/5 cup of the B part of the liquid plastic to the paper cup.

  • Mix well (remember – this is not for drinking!!).

  • Put the baking paper on a flat surface and gently place the cup horizontally, spilling the "coffee", onto the paper.














  • Leave to dry for a quarter of an hour - until the plastic is set - and pill it off the baking paper.














  • Position the creation on a coffee table or on a chair and enjoy your guests’ reaction to the new design.

Spoiler alert!