Recent sales lured me into buying simple and affordable picture frames, and some lovely RICE frames inspired me to create happy frames on a budget, which will funk up every dull wall at home in minimum time.

Here is what you will need to do the same:

  • Different photo frames in different sizes

  • A collection of plastic knickknacks, which could be little dolls, animals or whatever makes you happy to look at (and tiny enough to fit in a frame)

  • Strong glue (hot glue works too)

  • Spray paint















It is really very easy to complete:

  • Pull out the glass and the back of the frames.

















  • Glue the chosen plastic element(s) onto the frame, and wait for the glue to set.















  • Spray both the frame and the glued-on plastic element with the spray paint and let it dry for a couple of hours.
















  • Hang the frames on your empty wall in an interesting composition and proudly make your statement!

















On a different note (and for some comic relief) I wanted to give you a quick recommendation of two movies I recently saw.  Both movies deal (in their own way) with the fun topic of “the end of the world”.

“This Is The End”, directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, a star-struck looney-movie with a truly happy ending, and a local production called “The World's End”. This one stars two of the much-admired celebrities in this super-patriotic town: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (who also edited the latest issue of ShortList magazine with great humor).

Another super-fun experience for summertime is outdoor movies. Last month it was the 80's “Back to the future” which we enjoyed over a bowl of fresh popcorn under a Snuggie blanket on a rooftop at Packham. Next week we are having a date with “The DUDE” himself, as The Big Lebowski will appear on the big screen on another rooftop in the kingdom’s capital city.

To wrap this post up, let me leave you with a great song, which also happens to be the outstanding soundtrack at the end of “The World's End”: The Housemartins with their track “Happy Hour”! A nice beat which will surely help you rock this DIY project in no time!




Et voilà!

Gently and evenly paint both the frame and the plastic bit and let it dry

Glue the chosen bit onto the photo frame

Check your plastic animal to see if it's easy to cut in half (or else use it as a whole) 

Pick your favorite plastic miniature for each frame

Frame story